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The production of Amaltea, based on freshness and naturalness, provides that fresh milk, once arrived at the dairy, begins to be processed. This is a so-called “lactic” process, which uses natural milk coagulation (without chemical additions).The working methods reflect the tradition of the past, without any mechanized method. The curd has a natural ripening of 24 hours, which is drained and left to rest in cloths moved by hand during the day, always in a controlled temperature environmentAll this time to allow the ferments a further maturation that gives the cheese its own perfumes of milk.Processing, forming and packaging are carried out manually, to allow the constant and continuous control of the production (daily) in each phase, without treatments and transformations in series (the annual average of the milk processed in the company is equal to 8000 quintals).The production of Amaltea is the result of absolute craftsmanship with high quality standards.Furthermore, the total absence of traces of cow’s milk is guaranteed in the cheese produced.

The AMALTEA method

Amaltea, from the beginning, has chosen to adopt a milk processing with “thermization” and not “raw” to ensure the elimination of risks of infection by harmful bacteria. The attention to the health of the consumer has always played a leading role for Amaltea, which has preserved cycles of artisanal production with very high standards of hygiene and health.

The three phases of the Amaltea method

Heat treated with a system of boilers that recalls the direct heat under the pot inside which in the past the milk was stored to heat, the same milk reaches the appropriate temperatures slowly, keeping unchanged the properties and characteristics of the raw material.


The coagulation takes place not earlier than 24 hours, thanks to the intervention of selected ferments that lead to the obtaining of a slightly acidic curd, of friable consistency. Time is an extremely diversifying factor between the method of maturation Amaltea and others; but it is precisely the time invested to guarantee the total absence of accelerators and / or synthetic products designed to speed up the process. The maturation phase gives it, of course, just the weather.

Collected in sheets, the whey separates from the coagulum, which reaches greater consistency, is ready to be formed and to give life to the cheeses.

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