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In the mid-80s, in Italy, there were not many farms of structured goats and only of an extensive nature; moreover, milk production was almost not taken into consideration. A sort of emptiness to be filled with great passion and solid sense of visionary innovation. And it is precisely the opportunity that a young Roberto Ferrario, founder of Amaltea, at the time freshman at the faculty of veterinary medicine and newly appointed to the agricultural school of Villa Cortese, decides to grasp, filling that emptiness and investing in a dream. In the years between 1980 and 1990 the consumption of goat cheese had, especially in Italy, a still very limited spread, and the approach to consumption required a willingness of knowledge as well as economic far from obvious.
In 1986 (together with what would become his wife and inseparable companion of challenges) Roberto Ferrario founded the Amaltea farm, based in Uboldo_Varese, which was established to specialize almost immediately in the production of fresh goat cheese. After some production of yoghurt, paglina and formaggella, in fact, it was immediately clear that a company with an initially artisan character, had to concentrate on optimizing only one type of milk processing, to obtain the qualitative excellence of the fresh cheese product. and the importance in volumes.

Immediately Amaltea was structured to meet the market demands of large retailers that in those years was affirming an ever greater presence in the area. Exactly in accordance with this very precise vision, especially in an age of great distributional changes, Amaltea is among the very first agricultural realities to organize a milk collection organized and constant over time; since the 90s. And it was again in those years (in 1992) that the company among the first in Italy obtains the CEE stamp, a seal of recognition of a quality free to circulate throughout Europe.
The growth and evolution of Amaltea are constant, with dimensional increases that always correspond to an intact preservation of the spirit and artisanal process of quality and transparency. In 2007 the company evolved into Amaltea srl, a change of company name that coincides with the birth of the new pole in San Vittore Olona, currently the production, logistics and management office of Amaltea.
Today, as in the past, Amaltea supports the development of local economies, using only Italian milk, milked in its own breeding and in selected lenders, within the province of Milan and Varese.

The passion has remained unchanged over time and the founders continue to love what they do; the team has expanded and the company structured, always with a motto that has moved and moves business decisions more than ever: clearly, quality!

Visionaries, instincts, madmen, precursors, or all things together, Roberto and Ambrogina Ferrario, together with their team, are today one of the most significant producers of fresh goat’s cheese in Italy.

“Since Crono devoured all the children born of him and of Rea, this wanted to subtract to such fate Zeus, and delivered it to Temide, which, in turn, entrusted him to the nymph Amaltea to breed him. Amaltea suckled the small number from a goat, and attached it to the top of a tree to hide it from Kronos when he began to search for it “. Even Zeus was suckled by a goat, and those who took care of it were Amaltea! Exactly from here, from the care, from the nourishment, from the beautiful, from the good, from the roundness of white the inspiration of the name Amaltea was born more than thirty years ago, referring to the legend, perhaps in a totally instinctive way, in evocative terms. Never as today “Amaltea” is contemporary, current and coherent with the philosophy of the company that takes care of itself in the cure: exactly, as that nymph did …

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