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Roberto Ferrario_founder

Born in 1961, graduated agricultural expert with veterinary studies and master in animal production sciences. This would be enough to trace the profiles of his love for the 4-legged world (and not only); in his heart, always.
The goats say they have chosen them as their animal because they are lively, nice, clean.
On a social level, Roberto is very active: president of Lions Club Parabiago Giuseppe Maggiolini 2015-2016; Lions district officer 2016-2017, 2017-2018, directly involved in fundraisers always in support of needy communities and in humanitarian projects. President in charge Dune off-road Legnano 2017-2018; 2017-2018 member of the Italian Confederation of Upper Lombardy; since 2014 vice-president of “Olona Viva” (association for the protection and development of the territory); since 2016 member commission De.Co (municipal name) of San Vittore Olona.
His “slogan”? “What is not there yet, create it”.

Ambrogina Pravettoni – responsible for commercial and administrative matters
May 30, 1961, diploma in accounting, lover of art, poetry, culture, which has become active promoter. Since 2013, president of the cultural association “Amici di villa Adele”, an association that organizes visits to Italy aimed at the discovery of intellectual excellence. Since 2015 he is an active member of the Lions Club Parabiago Giuseppe Maggiolini. In the year 2016/2017 ceremonial Lions Parabiago Giuseppe Maggiolini. From 2017 to 2018 district officer Melvin Jones’ friends and LCIF club representative. If it were for her, she would need to speed up a little …

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